• Reputation: independent and objective
  • Credibility: knowledgeable consultants and quality professionals
  • Value added: cost effective, immediate impact/results/improvement, innovative approaches, and management systems practitioner.
  • Leadership: track record and expertise
  • Experience: consulting track record and industry experienced consultants
  • Industry expertise: pool of experts and track record
  • Recognition: customer feedback, client referrals,
  • Consistency : internally developed approach and registered consultants
  • Complete service Lines: Consulting, Training and Learning Materials
  • Responsiveness : We are flexible and can respond to your business needs and schedules.
  • Success Oriented: We will work with you to overcome any Auditor’s findings and we will continue to support you at no extra cost until certification success is achieved.
  • Certified Auditors On Staff : We have certified Lead Auditors on staff.
  • Quality Management Specialists on Staff: We have certified Black Belt and safety specialists on staff.
  • Experience: We have over 15 years of quality management experience.

PRISMA INTERGRATED MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS (PIMS) is a Premier management consulting and training firm incorporated in Kenya and has its headquarters in Nairobi.   PIMS is a firm offering services in management systems and other management related services.  PIMS is a company focused on training, implementation, consulting and certification services in East Africa.  PIMS has invested on services relating on the most widely used ISO standards are ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001, ISO 22301, ISO 50001. Our philosophy is quality, Productivity Improvement and designing or customizing services for specific needs of clients. Our services are for both Public and Private Sector institutions aimed at improving, supporting, enhancing management and performance efficiency at all levels of the organization.

We provide knowledge, expertise and experience to deliver innovative, efficient and cost effective solutions for your business. We work to meet customers’ needs and expectations; this approach defines our engagement with the public sector. Our aim is to provide best quality services to our clients and help them achieve sustainable competitive advantage in their business. Our ISO Consultants are qualified, experienced and competent. PIMS has experienced team that works with you in a totally professional, transparent and committed manner to get ISO certification for your organization.

PIMS has a pool of skillful, qualified and experienced consultants and associate.  Our ISO consultants are experienced Certified Quality Auditors that help businesses achieve results by improving productivity, increasing profitability and reducing or eliminating risks and waste.  We can help your organization meet these objectives through the development, or improvement, of such quality management systems. We promise that all of our clients who implement the MS will get certified in the first audit itself enabling us achieve great  success rate for ISO certification consultancy services  in the region PIMS empower from various organizations in all sectors in Kenya through training, expert advice and improvement strategies.